A function demo for Linux Heartbeat and DRBD with NFS service



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If you don’t want to spend much money to invest IT redundancy solution, you should take consideration on opensource solution. Heatbeat and DRBD work together could give  you high availability environment in your IT infrastructure. You could try to implement VM-like solution to replace your physical hardware server first, and using this solution to give the datastore for your virtual server. we can use vmware as an example. Esxi is free version. you need to buy commercial version, you just can enjoy HA like Vmotion. How could you stay in using free version, but still enjoy HA? just thinking about this.

in this function demo, i’ve tried to show you how to work on NFS service in Linux. NFS could be as a datastore for vmware. you could build up this first, and then install vmware to use this redundant NFS as your datastore in vmware. and then you should have a redundant datastore.

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