Openstack – a cloud management system

Recently, I am studying Openstack. It’s a cloud management system, especially it’s announced by open source.

why do you need cloud management system?

First of all, I don’t believed that your enterprise can stand on a single environment of virtualization, and also will no need to use public cloud. for cost issue, maybe you will apply for Amazon cloud service or windows cloud or else, so in some big-scale enterprise environment, I believed that you will stands on the situation of hybrid cloud.

so-called hybrid means that Public + Private cloud.

when you face so many cloud solution in front of you, the real difficultly should be how to manage it between different cloud like public cloud of amazon or windows and your private cloud at home.

so in such a situation, you will need a cloud management system.

openstack can let you manage public and private cloud resources. and then your infrastructure should be robust and flexible for your enterprise.

I will try to build up a testing environment later. and then i will update the newest status in blog.

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