SCCM 2012 client installation – related debug notes

I will try to log some situations i’ve encountered and resolved.

(1) no matter client push or manual install was fail to install client, and ccmsetup.log showed to me, can’t winhttp to sccm server. i can find a ccmsetup in service list. error log like below

<![LOG[Failed to receive HTTP response. (Error at WinHttpReceiveResponse: 12030)]LOG]!><time=”16:56:06.546-480″ date=”02-06-2013″ component=”ccmsetup” context=”” type=”2″ thread=”1252″ file=”httphelper.cpp:1227″>
<![LOG[WinHttpRequestReponse failed with a non-recoverable failure, 12030]LOG]!><time=”16:56:06.546-480″ date=”02-06-2013″ component=”ccmsetup” context=”” type=”3″ thread=”1252″ file=”httphelper.cpp:1259″>
<![LOG[Failed to check url$/P0100002. Error 0x80072efe]LOG]!><time=”16:56:06.546-480″ date=”02-06-2013″ component=”ccmsetup” context=”” type=”3″ thread=”1252″ file=”httphelper.cpp:1592″>
<![LOG[Failed to find transformation from DP with error 0x80072efe. Fall back to MP.]LOG]!>

debug procedures: (basically, almost the same no matter any troubles you got)

a. check ACL : to check if sccm server administrator and sccm computer account registered on local administrators group : yes, but got strange situation, i saw some SID over there, it seemed that computer has drop out of domain.

b. check windows installer service version : yes, it’s above the version of sccm requirement.

c. check BITS version: yes, it’s above.

d. try to reinstall .net 4.0: successfully.

e. try to reboot, and still fail.

f. check NIC setting, found the DNS setting is not reasonable. the first one pointed to the 1st DC, but the second one pointed to internet DNS. changed the second one to the internal second DC.

g. check if firewall was enabled.

h. check if dcom service was disabled

i. check if windows installer service was disabled

j. check if any hosted IPS service was enabled.

k. check if .net framework service set as automatic.

h. if encountered any wmi issue, using below script to rebuild

net stop winmgmt
cd %windir%system32wbem
rd /S /Q repository
regsvr32 /s %systemroot%system32scecli.dll
regsvr32 /s %systemroot%system32userenv.dll
mofcomp cimwin32.mof
mofcomp cimwin32.mfl
mofcomp rsop.mof
mofcomp rsop.mfl
for /f  %s in (’dir /b /s *.dll’) do regsvr32 /s %s
for /f  %s in (’dir /b *.mof’) do mofcomp %s
for /f  %s in (’dir /b *.mfl’) do mofcomp  %s

in this case, root cause is wrong dns setting. it let client device confused on domain name query. and finally, we saw the client activity situation turn to be active.

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