the most cost-saving IT infrastructure design (最省錢的IT基礎建設架構設計)

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it’s tricky, my last job i never need to worry about IT budget. and now, i should face in such a less it budget situation than before.

it’s a diagram i design for my existing company.

a good news is we almost run on a virtual environment, Vmware Esxi 4.1.

as for networking, we only had layer 2 switches installed.  no layer 3 switch.  routing was in charge by Linux, also in VM.

and no doubt, existing environment had one common problem, SPOF. (Single point of failure) no matter in server, in networking…

so, i just start to thinking one thing… even no budget, could we get a much more better IT infrastructure??

i got the answer, of course, why not??

I made many labs to come true the ideas.

basically, i just tried to build up clustering environment between two Vmware servers.

for networking, i build up pfsense clustering to replace existing linux router.

for servers, i build clustering for linux and microsoft platform.

even no need vmotion, it needs licensing fee.

in this architecture, you don’t need to worry hardware error in esxi. when any it service run on one of  the vm server encounter any hardware failure issue, clustering will sense this issue, and transfer their it service to another VM host run on another esxi server.




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